Executive Search

Helping Your Nonprofit Organization Make a Great Executive Hire


Finding a new executive is one of the most important decisions your board will make.


We are experts in nonprofit leadership transition


Our professional interim executive solutions and executive search services help nonprofit boards of directors make excellent executive hiring decisions through:


    • High-caliber leadership assessment
    • Detailed search planning
    • Strategic and inclusive recruitment
    • Insightful candidate screening
    • Unparalleled interview facilitation
    • Effective onboarding


Our commitment is to work hand in hand with your board and senior leadership to facilitate an efficient and effective search for the person who best fits your organization’s leadership needs.


Whatever your needs and budget may be, we can help with one or more of the following service levels.


1. Search Committee Training


Training for search committees, boards, and senior staff can help all involved better understand the best practices of a comprehensive nonprofit executive search, as well as the roles of each group in that process. This training is supplemented with optional coaching support for the search committee chair throughout the search process.


2. Search Committee Administrative Support


A trusted team that specializes in custom administrative and logistical support for executive searches can be just what your board needs.


You decide which steps of the process would be supported by this team and pay only for those services. For example, you may need help advertising the position and managing the receipt of applications, with everything else managed by the search committee. Or you could ask for more of the search tasks to be handled by the support team.


There is complete flexibility to meet your organization’s needs, whatever they may be.


3. Full-Service Executive Search


Third Sector Company matches your organization with a highly experienced team that specializes in leading full-service executive searches.


You are fully supported at each stage of the process, beginning with a thorough leadership needs assessment to identify the incoming executive’s key priorities and pinpoint the skills and qualities required. Staff participation is built into the process, along with a thoughtful focus on equity and inclusion, to ensure the search committee has all the input needed for the best possible hiring decision. And support continues after the hire with an onboarding process to help your new leader hit the ground running and achieve sustained success.


The goal is not simply to fill an open position but to help the organization successfully navigate the entire process of leadership transition and come out stronger on the other side.



We are proud to work with our trusted and highly experienced service allies to make sure your organization has the resources it needs for a successful executive search.

Since 2002, we have helped over 800 organizations to unify the organization’s volunteer and professional leaders to manage a transition and build organizational capacity that your next chief executive can leverage.


Let us learn more about your organization and help you find your next leader!