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Helping Your Nonprofit Organization Make a Great Executive Hire

Dedicated individuals are the heart and soul of successful organizations. That’s why making your volunteers a part of your leadership team and executive search process is crucial. When the time comes to find the future leader of your nonprofit, Third Sector Company can help.

With expert insight and extensive experience in sourcing nonprofit leadership, Third Sector Company can support volunteer search committees and current leadership in times of change. Our goal is to help nonprofit organizations make their hiring process as efficient as possible, resulting in the highest likelihood of a successful hire.

Whether it’s an outside search or an internal hire, equipping your board with the tools they need and involving them in the search process is a vital component of any leadership change — and will serve to help unify the organization’s leaders.

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Specializing in searches for:

  • Executive Director/CEO
  • Development Director/Chief Development Officer
  • Associate Director/Chief Operating Officer

Nonprofit Leadership Search Process

Our nonprofit leadership search is a price-sensitive alternative to other search options. Your organization will benefit from Third Sector Company’s detailed approach, which includes organizational assessments and help with hiring.

Organizational Assessments

Our organizational assessments comprise:

  • A search committee training to review the search process from start to finish with estimated timelines
  • Comprehensive coaching for the board of directors in all aspects of the search process
  • An assessment that identifies clear and concise organizational goals and needs for the next two to three years
  • An assessment of the culture of governance that the new leader will inherit and suggestions for improvement (read more: Evaluating the Nonprofit CEO)
  • A newly drafted job description based on the assessment results

The Hiring Process

Third Sector Company will also help your organization throughout the hiring process. Our services include:

  • Promoting and screening the job, including:
    • Creating an enticing job announcement
    • Advertising the job placement in key locations
    • Receiving applications as an independent third party
    • Conducting a pre-screen of applicants based on approved scoring criteria
  • Arranging meeting logistics and communications between the organization and candidates
  • Facilitating two rounds of interviews, culminating in selecting a candidate that fits your company’s culture and situation
  • Handling contacts and negotiations between both parties to create a mutually beneficial agreement and the highest degree of satisfaction
  • Coaching and supporting a transition committee responsible for communications and activities related to the hiring and onboarding of the new executive

Additionally, all executive search clients receive a comprehensive 110-page volunteer search process manual, including an interview guide, committee proceedings, and executive transition tools.

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Third Sector’s mission is to foster a community of professional and voluntary leadership for the future of the nonprofit sectors throughout the United States and Canada. If you are part of an organization looking to make a change or hoping to ensure your leadership selection process goes smoothly, contact us today.

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