Board Chairs Academy

Putting The Basics of Strategic Nonprofit Governance to Work in Your Nonprofit Organization

Since 2006, Board Chairs Academy has invited nonprofit boards of directors to consider their succession planning efforts and prepare the next generation for board leadership. The academy’s comprehensive approach has helped over 200 nonprofits and their boards in the United States and Canada. Nonprofit leaders created this program to provide the necessary tools and knowledge for incoming board chairs to succeed.

Board Chairs Academy uses a cohort learning model to evolve a culture of effective nonprofit governance and leadership succession. Through a combination of seminars, participant workbooks, tools, roundtables, and experienced professional support, our goal is to help organizations prepare for leadership changes.

Our training modules, discussions, and tools are based on the following principles:

  • Strategic governance comes from boards that are rooted in advancing community causes.
  • Effective governance is focused on sustainability, resilience, and impact.
  • Visible governance comes from an advocacy responsibility that builds community equity for the cause.
  • Prudent governance is aggressive about building both financial and human capital to advance a cause.
  • Successful governance is committed to a continuity of future leadership and succession planning.
How can your community benefit from Third Sector Company’s Board Chairs Academy?Carole ZavalaSenior Professional Advisor, Laguna Beach, CA

Here’s what some past participants had to say about the Board Chairs Academy Program:

“Simply put, this training was the best I have experienced in my years as a nonprofit leader. Board members participate with you – this is key! The Board Academy draws them in in ways we can’t as EDs and there is dedicated session time to discuss and plan. The six-part series, over six months, means sustained learning which is way better than the ‘one-shot” seminars we are used to attending.– Paul Knox CEO, United Way of Thurston County
I want you to know how much I appreciated the class and how valuable it was for me. As a life-long learner and a long-time director, I have attended many trainings over the years … This training was targeted at a high level, filled with pearls of wisdom that made me stop and think, and timely for the issues our organization is dealing with. I truly benefited from and found inspiration in each session. Having board members share in the learning is such a great benefit!– Patty Belmonte CEO, Hands On Children’s Museum

Board Chairs Academy is designed to serve the entire nonprofit sector. We encourage participating organizations to invite other people who are interested in discussing key concepts and issues associated with nonprofit governance to join them!

We are also proud to welcome customers who make Board Chairs Academy a standing element of their board orientation and leadership development programs. With three representatives, the hourly training cost amounts to $23 to $28 per hour. For six representatives, the amounts lower to $15 to $18 per hour.

No board training program on the market can match the intensity, comprehensiveness, materials, incremental learning processes, and outcomes of Third Sector Company’s Board Chairs Academy. Our participants also gain access to an additional three-hour leadership succession planning workshop that’s offered several times during the course of the academy.

The Board Chair Academy Seminars

Six Progressive Topics and 21 Hours of Cohort Learning
Essential to Effective Board and Community Leadership of Your Nonprofit Organization

Session #1

Board Governance: Practicing the Art of Nonprofit Leadership

The first session explores the attributes of governance as it relates specifically to the nonprofit business model. We challenge participants to recognize cause-related organizations’ leadership needs and the board members’ responsibility to advance effective decision-making on behalf of mission-driven enterprises. The seminar includes discussions about the role of values in leadership, the unique elements of nonprofit boards, nonprofit management versus nonprofit leadership, and the nonprofit life cycle.

Session #2

Board Development: Evolving a Board to Its Potential

Governing an evolving organization requires an evolving board of directors. This session provides an overview of how to develop a dynamic board for your organization. Discussions include the evolution of board development as an element of governance responsibilities, board assessments against an organizational picture of success, board recruitment strategies, board orientation, and effective board meetings.

Session #3

Resource Development: Building Community Equity for Sustainable Community Impact

Sustainable resource development is the product of a fundraising culture. The third seminar challenges participants to analyze their current fundraising cultures and discuss a board’s responsibilities for creating and edifying a successful resource development environment. The program will include a fundraising assessment, fundraising myths and laws, a marketing-based approach to resource development, and creation of action plans.

See also: Thoughts on Fundraising in the Current Political Era

Session #4

Leadership Succession Planning: Assuring a Continuity of Leadership to Advance a Cause

Assuring a continuity of leadership is one of the most important ways to create a sustainable future for nonprofit organizations. This seminar, a hallmark presentation of Third Sector Company’s mission statement, provides board members and executive staff with the tools for cultivating a culture of leadership continuity and succession planning with a focus on evolving diversity, inclusion, equity and access as an essential element of leadership development and cultivation.

Session #5

Board & Executive Relations: Leveraging a Partnership for Community Results

A board’s relationship with its chief executive officer sets the tone for understanding the dynamic between governance and management in a nonprofit organization. This convening will present recommendations for performance planning and accountability throughout the organization, including evaluating the chief executive, executive compensation, and succession planning practices and policies.

See also: Evaluating the Nonprofit CEO

Session #6

The Strategic Board: Fostering Innovation to Advance the Cause

Board Chairs Academy culminates with a discussion about the attributes of a strategic organization, which is the result of strategic governance in action. This session will advocate for developing a nonprofit dashboard, analyzing organizational effectiveness and efficiency against the mission and stated benchmarks of success, board member roles in assuring a strategic organizational culture, and steps in safeguarding against backsliding into managing operations and minutia.

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