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Preparing the Next Generation of Nonprofit Leaders for Strategic Governance of Mission-Based Organizations

The nonprofit sector isn’t just an avenue for change and improvement – it’s a significant economic force that must be reckoned with in the professional workforce. With more than 1.8 million nonprofits operating in the U.S. and over $3 trillion in assets, it’s critical that the nonprofit sector establishes effective training and succession planning for the future of their organizations. Combined with retiring older generations and inadequate compensation and support at higher levels of nonprofits, the potential pipeline for new leadership is in dire straits.

In seeking to further develop nonprofit leaders, we suggest executives and board members consider the following when building development plans for employees:

  • Identify potential future challenges and develop strategies for overcoming them that will impact the organization, the nonprofit sector, and the community at large.
  • Develop a core set of competencies and characteristics that leaders will need to overcome the aforementioned challenges and align with those strategies.
  • Identify and vet a potential pool of successors for leadership positions.
  • Utilize a competency model to help assess the leadership potential of each candidate in the pool, formulating a performance feedback metric, personality and skillset testing, and hands-on exercises and evaluations.
  • Based on the results of these assessments, identify high-potential candidates and those exhibiting promise, yet require additional training.
  • Build a custom development program for each individual member to help improve his/her abilities and reduce gaps in competencies.
  • Measure individual progress on a regular basis while providing insight and guidance to the individual.
  • Utilize and draw from this pool to fill positions that become vacant over time.

At Third Sector Company, we train leaders for institutions, academies, and nonprofits to ensure the next generation of board members, executive directors, and senior leaders are well-prepared to advance in their careers and accomplish their goals. To find out more about our services, contact us.

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Succession Planning Workshops

Our three-hour succession planning seminars are designed to help participants consider the options available to create and sustain a culture of leadership succession in their organizations.

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Board Chairs Academy

Our Board Chairs Academy invites nonprofit boards of directors to consider developing their governance capacities while preparing the next generation of board leadership for their organizations.

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Interim Executives Academy

The Interim Executives Academy offers a deep-dive immersion into strategic transitional leadership that spans three days of lecture, case studies, cameo speakers, panelists, and group projects.

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