The Innovative Disruptor

A Core Concept and Pledge of Third Sector Company


One of the core tenets of strategic transitional leadership is having the courage to disrupt inequitable processes, call out explicit and implicit bias, and engage in tough conversations that put an end to injustice, bullying and disrespect. Since its inception, Third Sector Company’s Interim Executives Academy has been an advocate and teacher to interim leaders of nonprofit organizations throughout the United States and Canada to step up and embrace their important responsibility for calling out and pushing the needle to end institutional racism.


As we react with deep sadness and incensed outrage at what has allowed to happen to Black people and others victimized by bigotry, bias, and hate for far too long, all of us at Third Sector Company are determined to participate in and advocate for issuing a radical call to action that seeks to overturn actions that have wrongfully allowed human mistreatment and inequality to pass through generations of people and institutions.


The nonprofit sector has as much to be ashamed of in its past as other once trusted institutions in our nation who have perpetuated bias and have turned their cheek to acts of injustice.  As a united team of innovative disruptors composed of leadership strategists, training professionals and interim executives for the nonprofit sector, we pledge to call out in our customers, in our curricula and service protocols, and in each other behaviors that stand in the way of eliminating racism, ending discrimination, and confronting stereotypes.


During the past six weeks, Third Sector Company has made significant changes to its Board Chairs Academy curricula calling on boards to take a lead role in being change agents. We began the June 19 Academy with a complete overview for all nonprofits on the history and significance of Juneteenth in American Social History. We have also instituted national and international conversations amongst interim leaders creating dialogue among change agents to focus their energies on evolving the nonprofit sector and the vital organizations that can effect permanent change.


We have much to learn. We also know that in order to lead by example in this fight, we must continually look at ourselves, first, at how we may be inadvertently advancing racism while also acting as determined innovative disruptors imploring other organizations to do the same.

President & Chief Mission Advancement Officer
Third Sector Company, Inc.


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