Sustainable Seafood Nonprofit Chooses Interim Leader

Sustainable Seafood Nonprofit Chooses Interim Leader

For more than fifteen years, FishWise has worked closely with the seafood industry to advance leadership in sustainability. Third Sector Company is proud to announce that Joan Eads is serving as Interim Executive Director for the Santa Cruz, California nonprofit organization.


Joan Eads has over 25 years of nonprofit leadership experience as chief executive and in public administration, including serving as interim executive director for several organizations in the Seattle, Washington area.


Her proven excellence in operations, finance, and organizational development will help to position the organization to successfully recruit a permanent leader,” said FishWise Board of Directors Chair George Leonard. “The board of directors is delighted to welcome Joan to complement the strong leadership team, staff, and organization at FishWise.


I am excited to join FishWise at this juncture in its history to support and accelerate the organization’s unique approach to sustainable seafood,” said Joan. “The FishWise Board of Directors wisely worked with Third Sector Company and then decided to hire an interim during this time of transition. The board is recognizing this as an opportunity to celebrate all the work that brought FishWise to its success, to date, and what will be needed in the future.  It is always energizing for me to jump into an organization that is brimming with opportunities.


Joan previously served as Interim Executive Director of End of Life Washington and the National Asian Pacific Center on Aging. She held executive positions at Eastside Timebank and L’Arche USA. She holds a BA from the University of Texas at Austin and an MPA from American University.


All of the Third Sector Company community sends our best wishes to Joan and our thanks to the leadership at FishWise for putting their trust in the people, teachings and programs of Third Sector Company that have served community impact organizations over the past 20 years.


FishWise believes that the seafood industry not only has serious impacts on the health of oceans and the welfare of its workers, but also the potential to make an enormous contribution to the health of our planet and its inhabitants. FishWise envisions a future in which the seafood industry, in collaboration with governments and civil society, takes full accountability for the people and the ocean resources upon which it depends.


Third Sector Company and the graduates of Interim Executives Academy are available to provide vetted, highly-trained nonprofit interim executive leadership. From the training and experience at Interim Executives Academy, the graduates can provide a series of protocols and deliverables to ensure a successful interim leader engagement. They will also have access to mentorship and coaching through our community of interim leadership professionals.


If your nonprofit is preparing for a leadership transition or succession planning, contact us today.

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