Spotlight: Mark Stensager and Sound Generations

Spotlight: Mark Stensager and Sound Generations

At Third Sector Company, we strive to help nonprofits of all kinds better serve their causes. From helping maintain the vision while leadership is changing, to building a strong financial plan when funding is short, our goal is to help you build a clear strategy so organizations of all kinds can reach their goals.

Today, we’re zooming in on how our interim leaders were able to serve Mark Stensager and Sound Generations, a nonprofit organization that serves senior communities with access and healthy living solutions.

“Promoting the wellbeing of older adults through a network of community connections”

Since 1967, Sound Generations, formerly Senior Services, has connected older adults and adults with disabilities with vital resources to help them thrive. They are a nonprofit organization providing Meals on Wheels, free rides to medical appointments, fitness programs, and opportunities for meaningful engagement with others.

They alleviate stress by connecting seniors with those who care about them to whatever they need to remain safe, active, and healthy. Sound Generations is committed to helping all people, especially those in low income communities and communities of color.

Maintaining mission and vision through a leadership transition

Nonprofit leaders are a rare group who are highly dedicated to their causes. They’re passionate about who they serve and pour their hearts and souls into their missions. Like all leaders, however, they cannot stay in their roles forever. When it comes to the nonprofit sector, it’s typically not shareholders or executives who suffer when leadership transitions occur; it’s the communities they serve.

Mark Stensager said the Third Sector team came to their rescue after an exceedingly challenging time where their support funding was cut dramatically. To make matters more difficult, their CFO had also recently resigned as a result of an illness.

“At that time, we lacked a clear picture of where we stood and did not know what strategies to pursue to sustain our mission,” Stensager said. “The Third Sector was able to bring in an excellent and seasoned team that put together a clear plan.”

Stensager highlighted the benefits of not only a smooth transition, but a strong plan moving forward to shape a bright future for Sound Generations.

“They established financial policies and procedures that were able to provide the senior management and board with a clear picture of the financial state of Sound Generations,” he said. “In addition, they were able to develop a set of strategic options for Sound Generations that outlined alternative paths to the future that will allow us to sustain our mission.”

Fighting for a brighter future for senior communities in Washington

Committed to a better future to aging adults in the Puget Sound area, Sound Generations has been able to push forward, even through tough political times, to continue to serve their mission.

Ranging from providing support for those who are aging in the LGBTQ community, to celebrating a wide range of individuals who fight for health and wellness across age, race, gender, and other faultlines, this organization is a great source of hope.

For organizations of all kinds, our goal at Third Sector is to help those devoted to the nonprofit sector succeed by giving them solid training and top notch leadership strategies tailored to the third sector.

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