Robin McCarthy

Robin McCarthy combines a commitment to service with a commitment to community. Throughout her years in the nonprofit arena she has guided women, children, youth and seniors into more meaningful lives and experiences. She now brings that reputation and expertise as Interim Advancement Director of Child360, previously called Los Angeles Universal Preschool.

We focus on serving the youngest population, children 0-5, and we have a lot of fun,” says Robin about Child360. Robin is currently preparing a complete assessment of the fundraising and advancement activities by looking at diverse income streams. “My time has been rewarding and informative,” says Robin. “Also, certainly friendly with lots of smiles from a welcoming staff.

Robin previously served as Executive Director of Fire Family Foundation in Los Angeles and as Executive Director of Women at Work in Pasadena. She is Board Chair of the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce and Past Chair of the Pasadena Executive Roundtable. Robin has been recognized for her work in nonprofit with several community awards and through her past series of articles in local newspapers about the role of nonprofits.

The mission of Child360 is to improve the quality of early learning programs; to strengthen the engagement between the parents of young children and their teachers and caregivers; and to advance public policies that invest in the future of America by putting children first. To learn more about the mission and the success of Child360 please visit their website:

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