Nonprofit Leadership Guides

Third Sector has a breadth of resources available for nonprofit leaders of all kinds. Whether you are seeking professional development opportunities for your board members or hoping to hire the perfect person to lead your company into the future, we’re here to help. Explore our leadership guides for thoughts, insights, and ideas for how to grow your company’s leadership and ultimately serve your cause.

Webinars & Interviews

An introduction to the eight weekly online sessions of Interim Executives Academy providing 12 hours of learning that explores Third Sector Company’s strategic approach to transformational nonprofit interim executive leadership:

Watch an introduction and preview of the full 12-part Board Chairs Academy series that invites up to ten staff or volunteers who are interested in discussing key concepts and issues associated with a strategic nonprofit board of directors and cause-based governance to serve the community:

Jeffrey R. Wilcox, President & CEO of Third Sector Company, presents an overview on how to conduct a good interview for an interim executive director to help a nonprofit organization in transition. With board leaders in mind, the recommendations and questions raised are intended to bring consensus about the future of the organization and to help find a new leader to bring the organization to higher ground in its service to the community: