Recently Filled Positions

Community Land Trust Chooses Interim Executive

Rakhi said of the engagement, “The commitment of Richmond LAND to deep democracy in governance, mutual benefit, and collective ownership is so inspiring and I am honored to help operationalize its values and find its next leader.”

Interim Serves Nonprofit News Network

Karin said of the engagement, “Working with such a dynamic and engaged team of staff, board members and stakeholders has been energizing. Their collective passion for the mission is inspiring and will surely serve as the springboard that will propel The Beacon into the next successful chapter.”

Addressing Nonprofit Sustainability as an Interim Leader

“Sustainability challenges are an opportunity for staff, board members, and other key stakeholders to reengage with the organization and to take a critical look at the organization’s vision, purpose, and strategies.” Read more from Senior Strategist Shailushi Ritchie …

New Interim Executive at Child Support Association

John said of the engagement, “It is such an honor to serve organizations ensuring children and families are protected from neglect and are given the opportunity to thrive!”

Youth Education Nonprofit Selects Interim Executive

Arthur said of the engagement, “The board is actively engaged in Board Chairs Academy and often expresses their gratitude for Third Sector Company! Thank you PCC and Tacoma for inviting us into your world!”

Interim Leads Cancer Support & Advocacy Nonprofit

Kristin said of the engagement, “It’s been a privilege to work alongside the dedicated board and staff of the Sarcoma Alliance, and to meet the community we serve. Our mission to help sarcoma patients know that they are not alone, and to provide unwavering hope and support throughout their journeys inspires me every day.”

How Do Nonprofit Interims Manage Staff Stress During Transitions?

“As interim executives, we have the ability to help team members successfully navigate a leadership transition by valuing their input and reconnecting them with the joy that brought them to the organization in the first place.” Read more from Executive Advisor Cynthia Armour …

College Alumnae Association Chooses Interim Executive for Transition

The AAMC Board said in a statement, “Pam’s strengths include implementation of strong governance and policies, strategic planning, financial planning, managing endowments, and engaging in board development.

New Executive for Children’s Disability Support Nonprofit

The Nonprofit Leadership Search and Support is proud to announce that Dr. Mary Van Haneghan is the new Executive Director of the Williams Syndrome Association in Troy, Michigan.

Mary Van Haneghan

Executive DirectorWilliams Syndrome Association – Troy, Michigan
“She is well-versed in the disability community and is eager to learn more than she already knows about Williams syndrome. With Dr. Van Haneghan at the helm, the WSA has a very bright future ahead …”
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