Organizations We Love: The Prentice School

Organizations We Love: The Prentice School

At Third Sector Company, our team works with nonprofits large and small to help them create and sustain leadership continuity within their organizations. When serving over 580 nonprofit organizations, we get to work with some truly amazing people who work hard to create measurable differences in the lives of others.

Since schools everywhere are back in session, we’re zooming in on one of our partner organizations, The Prentice School. This one-of-a-kind school in Tustin, California, helps children with learning differences thrive and grow. Here’s a quick look at this unique school, and a little bit about the great work they do.

Serving Children Who Learn Differently

The Prentice School serves children with learning differences including dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, ADHD, ADD, anxiety, and more. Their mission is “to provide innovative education and a nurturing environment for students with learning differences to succeed in life.”

This K-8 school serves students who are known to have a learning difference, including those  who have a hard time with auditory and visual processing, difficulty organizing and planning, and more. From children who have difficulty learning to read, to those who have a hard time grasping mathematical concepts and more, this school helps children thrive and grow despite their learning differences.

Real Results and Bright Futures

The Prentice School not only provides a full academic program, but takes a whole-child approach to education. They seek to find the underlying roots of a child’s learning difference, and support them emotionally while finding ways to overcome it. This school also offers a ton of fun for students who attend it, including art, music, science, field trips and in-depth technology education programs.

From Olympic Athletes to marketers, designers, and innovative thinkers of all kinds, Prentice School alumni have gone on to do great things. Through the wide range of in-depth service for children with unique needs, this school enables children to thrive and grow despite any learning difficulties they may have.

At Third Sector Company, our goal is to help nonprofit organizations of all kinds thrive and grow and reach their highest potential. To learn more about our mission and keep up with the organizations we serve, subscribe to our newsletter!

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