Four New Year’s Resolutions For Nonprofit Leaders to Implement in 2018

Four New Year’s Resolutions For Nonprofit Leaders to Implement in 2018

When the new year comes around, many people make lists of things they would like to achieve or accomplish in the coming year. Whether in your family, at the gym, within your company, or all of the above, setting goals in the new year can help you move in the right direction. If you are hoping to make 2018 the best year yet for your nonprofit organization, there are many ways to do so. Here are some best practices for nonprofit leadership to make a part of your organization this year.

Use Hiring As An Opportunity to Build Capacity

Hiring can be a difficult process for any type of organization. Bringing on new employees can become a drawn out process that ends up using a lot of time, energy, and money. Rather than letting this process drain your resources, consider rethinking the way your organization’s hiring process this year. By having a plan before you start your search process, a clear picture of what success means, and objectives for the first 90 days of this person’s tenure, you can turn your organization’s hiring process into a capacity building opportunity.

Don’t Overlook Human Resources Issues

Unlike most large for-profit businesses, many nonprofit organizations do not have an in-depth human resources department. Professional development, performance evaluation, compensation reviews and other important aspects of human resources are often overlooked for nonprofit professionals. This can lead to frustration and confusion for team members in the long run. This year, consider evaluating how your nonprofit handles human resources and identify ways to grow in this capacity.

Make Inclusiveness A Priority

Many organizations say they value diversity, but fewer organizations have clear plans in place to insure their organization is actually making efforts to increase diversity. Though the nonprofit sector is among the most diverse, many organizations still have room to grow. Finding ways to make inclusiveness a priority within your organization can help bring new ideas into your organization and help it grow for the better.

Avoid Board Member Burnout

Board member burnout is all too common in the nonprofit sector. This phenomenon is where individuals on the board feel exhausted, stressed, unenthusiastic, and even confrontational or critical at times. This often happens as a result of disorganization within a nonprofit and because people feel they have too much work to do with too little appreciation. Some ways to avoid board member burnout include:

  • Reaffirming the importance of your organization’s mission. Some organizations may have “mission moments” from time to time where they reflect on why what they’re doing is important and how their work is making a difference.
  • Understanding board member’s personal goals within the organization and helping them achieve those goals.
  • Creating a culture of outcomes, not processes. If your board meetings have become unproductive, consider reevaluating why you have them. If there may be a better way to streamline this process and still achieve desired outcomes rather than checking the boxes you feel an organization should have, this may help avoid board member burnout.

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