Nonprofit Leadership Services

Working to Foster Leadership Continuity for Nonprofits

At Third Sector Company, we work with nonprofits to create and sustain leadership continuity within their organizations. We provide Interim Executive Management, with a focus on transformational leadership during transition periods, as well as training for Leadership Searches, to assist an organization’s volunteers in finding their new permanent executive. We also help organizations with Leadership Development, including performance reviews and goal-setting, and we place a large focus on Leadership Succession, to help nonprofits create a leadership plan for the future. We also provide Learning Labs, where Executives and Board Members can learn skills to improve their leadership within the organization.

Photo: Jeffery Wilcox shaking hands with Gail Grimm

Interim Leadership

When your organization goes through a major transition at the highest levels, it’s important to keep the ship upright throughout the entire process and ensure smooth sailing while you find the perfect replacement. Executive interim placement services from Third Sector Company can make sure that happens.

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Photo: Point made during succession planning discussion

Leadership Succession

Succession planning as a term of phrase can cause anxiety both in the board room and on the executive level, but it’s an essential aspect of future planning for a nonprofit organization. As part of a comprehensive plan for the coming years of operations, board members of a nonprofit need to keep succession planning as a regular aspect of their annual planning and future projections.

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Photo: Executive Development Discussion

Leadership Development

Finding the right candidate to fill a gap in leadership is only the first step in securing the future success of your nonprofit organization. By acting as an advocate for both the leader and the organization, Third Sector Company will help prepare and support executives throughout times of leadership transition and change.

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Photo: discussion during a volunteer led search presentation

Leadership Search

Volunteers are the lifeblood of your nonprofit organization and should be involved in the search for executive leadership from the beginning. To ensure smooth transitions and active participation by all members of your team, Third Sector Company can help guide and shape the effort to transition to new leadership.

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