Michelle McDaniel

The Nonprofit Leadership Search and Support team at Third Sector Company is pleased to share that Michelle McDaniel (she/her) has been appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of Crisis Connections.


Michelle is a proactive leader with a passion for service and furthering equity who is frequently called upon to provide direction, stabilize and grow business operations, and successfully achieve results under pressure. Michelle’s career is rooted in her passion for ensuring the safety and well-being of our most vulnerable community members.


As Michelle McDaniel takes the helm of Crisis Connections as CEO, we are grateful for her passion for our mission and appreciate her impressive span of expertise,” said David Johnson, President of the Board of Trustees of Crisis Connections.


In the years of her career leading to this point Michelle has developed outstanding executive leadership skills, a tremendous capacity to enhance the work of fine teams, to organize outstanding strategies and to operate with exceptional financial acumen. We especially appreciate her deep belief in opportunities for great resiliency and recovery within those facing huge challenges. We admire the excellent experiences she has had through her achievements at FareStart, an impressive and innovative organization. We are enthused about having Michelle’s array of strengths to help guide us into our future.


Michelle rejoins Crisis Connections after serving on the Board of Directors twice, first in the late 90’s and again from 2013 – 2016, as well as having been on the Senior Leadership Team from 2000 – 2005, where her accomplishments include launching the King County 2-1-1 service.


Just prior to joining Crisis Connections, Michelle served as the Chief Development Officer and later Chief Mission & Enterprise Officer at FareStart. During her 8 years at FareStart, she was an instrumental part of the organization’s significant expansion, paving the way for a broader impact on poverty and homelessness in the Greater Seattle area.


All of the Third Sector Company community sends our very best to Michelle and Crisis Connections in serving King County with mental and emotional support through critical resources!


Crisis Connections connects people in physical, emotional and financial crisis to services that will be of help. They do this to reduce immediate emotional distress and defuse crises for individuals, families and the community; to reduce the immediate risk of violence to one’s self and others; and to increase the ability of people to access the safety net, particularly for mental and emotional support services. Crisis Connections serves all people (in physical, emotional and financial crisis) with an emphasis on serving King County residents.


Third Sector Company is delighted to support organizations like Crisis Connections. Since its inception in 2002, Third Sector Company’s mission has been firmly rooted in providing leadership continuity solutions to the nonprofit sector. Like all of our services, Nonprofit Leadership Search and Support was created by nonprofit executives to be of benefit to our peers and to the entire nonprofit sector.


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