Succession Planning Workshops

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Fostering Leadership Continuity for Your Nonprofit Organization

“Fostering Leadership Continuity for Your Nonprofit Organization,” is a three-hour succession planning seminar designed to help participants consider the options available to create and sustain a culture of leadership succession in their organizations.

Considered one of the most comprehensive leadership continuity/succession planning programs in the country, workshop participants will be provided instruction and tools based on seven essential elements that form a functional culture of leadership continuity.

  • A working definition of succession planning versus career or transition planning
  • A pre-succession planning organizational assessment
  • Steps for assuring contingency succession is in place
  • Recommended succession planning policies every nonprofit board should review and approve regularly
  • Demonstrated basic competencies in human resource management for professional and voluntary leadership
  • Accounting for leadership continuity, human talent cultivation and succession in every strategic planning discussion and document
  • Methods for sustaining a culture of leadership continuity in a nonprofit organization

For more information on our succession planning workshops, check out our Succession Planning Fact Sheet.

Our organization is also happy to provide private learning sessions for an organization as a leadership development seminar or to build a leadership retreat experience with talent development and succession as the focus. Contact us to learn more.

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