Interim Serving at Planned Parenthood Southeast

Interim Serving at Planned Parenthood Southeast

Third Sector Company is proud to share that Syvonne Carter, a graduate of Interim Executives Academy, is serving as Interim Executive Director for Planned Parenthood Southeast in Atlanta, Georgia.


The purpose of Planned Parenthood Southeast (PPSE) is to provide voluntary family planning services and education that enhance personal and social understanding of human sexuality. PPSE advocates public policies that guarantee reproductive rights and access to health care. And, they support and encourage advances in reproductive technology.


“It is such an honor to support PPSE at a time when all eyes are on the decisions of the Supreme Court,” said Syvonne. ” While the work of improving conditions for vulnerable communities continues, it is so important to maintain organizational success throughout this leadership transition. Principles from Interim Executives Academy have been a wonderful resource to help set up the next leader of PPSE to continue in success.”


Syvonne is a graduate of Interim Executives Academy Class #12 and brings 20 years of experience in the federal government and healthcare industry, serving in both interim and C-Suite executive roles. She served as the Chief, Business Operations and Health Administration Services Officer at the Corporal Michael J. Crecencz VA Medical Center in Philadelphia, PA and North Florida/South Georgia VA Health System (NF/SG) in Gainesville, FL. Syvonne attended Marquette University majoring in Organizational Leadership.


All of the Third Sector Company community sends our best wishes to Syvonne and our thanks to the leadership at Planned Parenthood Southeast for putting their trust in the people, teachings and programs of Third Sector Company that have served community impact organizations over the past 20 years.


Third Sector Company and the graduates of Interim Executives Academy are available to provide vetted, highly-trained nonprofit interim executive leadership. From the training and experience at Interim Executives Academy, the graduates can provide a series of protocols and deliverables to ensure a successful interim leader engagement. They will also have access to mentorship and coaching through our community of interim leadership professionals.


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