Interim Leadership

Presenting On-Demand Strategic Interim Leadership for Nonprofit Organizations


Third Sector Company offers the most comprehensive approach to interim executive and transition support services on the market.

Interim Executive Placement and Support


We connect trained, vetted, and highly-experienced nonprofit leaders to work as transformational nonprofit interim executive directors in organizations with an executive vacancy, whether planned or unplanned. Each interim executive provides a series of protocols and deliverables to prepare the next permanent leader to succeed and ensures that the organization thrives during a transition.


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Interim Executives Training


The Interim Executives Academy provides rigorous training and mentoring for nonprofit leaders to serve causes and communities in short-term, senior-level engagements. The eight-week immersion experience includes lectures, cameo presenters and roundtable discussions. Learn how to transform nonprofit organizations in a short time and grow a career as an interim executive leader.


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Our management tools and service protocols represent nearly two decades of interim leadership experience to shape a nonprofit executive vacancy as a highly unique and sophisticated capacity-building opportunity for charitable organizations, associations, labor unions, and congregations.


We’d love to learn more about your organization or circumstance and share how our leadership and learning services can help support you in achieving your purpose in the community.



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I am honored to have earned my certificate from the Interim Executives Academy. The resources and knowledge about strategic processes and interim management tools will help me to better serve my community and clients in my professional consulting practice. Anyone who has a desire to serve their community through a transitional leadership role should undoubtedly invest their time and money with the Academy.
Jarrett R. Ransom#NonprofitNerd, President & CEO The Rayvan Group, Interim Executives Academy Graduate 2020

“What a week of growth and learning! The Academy provided the tools and roadmap to apply prescribed methodologies, management tools and leadership strategies requisite for the successful practice of professional transitional leadership for nonprofit organizations, associations, and congregations. As a professional consultant, I’m committed to providing the best service to our community. I am now certified in this special and unique service. Thank you!”
Jerry DiazCFRE, Interim Executives Academy Graduate 2020

A Third Sector Company Interim provides nonprofit organizations with a series of protocols and deliverables to ensure a successful engagment:


    • Experienced and vetted leadership for day-to-day operations of their nonprofit enterprise;
    • A thorough organizational assessment from which short-term work plans are developed, implemented and monitored in 90-day increments;
    • Development of a nonprofit dashboard;
    • Completion of a thorough organizational inventory;
    • Adoption of succession planning policies that will affect all future transitions in the organization;
    • Revision of the executive job description to reflect current and future organizational demands from the position;
    • Support to assist decision-makers to make the best selection of the permanent candidate; and
    • Access to on-going training, team consultation and specialty consulting, and additional resources offered by Third Sector Company professional interim


For more information on our interim leadership services, check out our Interim Executives Fact Sheet and our Leadership Transition Support Fact Sheet.

Our Recent Engagements

Rakhi Agrawal

Interim Executive DirectorRichmond LAND – Richmond, California
“The commitment of Richmond LAND to deep democracy in governance, mutual benefit, and collective ownership is so inspiring and I am honored to help operationalize its values and find its next leader.”

Community Land Trust Chooses Interim Executive

Rakhi said of the engagement, “The commitment of Richmond LAND to deep democracy in governance, mutual benefit, and collective ownership is so inspiring and I am honored to help operationalize its values and find its next leader.”

Karin Sabey

Interim Executive Director Kansas City Beacon – Kansas City, Missouri
“Working with such a dynamic and engaged team of staff, board members and stakeholders has been energizing.”