Interim Leadership

Presenting On-Demand Strategic Interim Leadership for Nonprofit Organizations


Third Sector Company offers the most comprehensive approach to interim executive and transition support services on the market.


– We connect trained, vetted, and highly-experienced nonprofit leaders to work as transformational nonprofit interim executive directors in organizations with an executive vacancy, whether planned or unplanned. Each interim executive provides a series of protocols and deliverables to ensure a successful engagement. They will also have access to mentorship and coaching through our leadership community of nonprofit professionals.


View our Leadership Transition Support Services Fact Sheet or Contact Us to Inquire About an Interim Engagement


– We train and support interim leaders with management tools and service protocols at Interim Executives Academy. This eight-week immersion experience includes lectures, cameo presenters and roundtable discussions. At the conclusion of the Academy, participants will be awarded a certificate of completion and badge. Learn how to transform nonprofit organizations in a short time and how to grow a career as an interim executive leader.


Upcoming Interim Executives Academy Opportunities


Our management tools and service protocols represent nearly two decades of interim leadership experience to shape a nonprofit executive vacancy as a highly unique and sophisticated capacity-building opportunity for charitable organizations, associations, labor unions, and congregations.


Read more: Nonprofit Leadership Development: The Importance of Leadership in Nonprofit Organizations

I am honored to have earned my certificate from the Interim Executives Academy. The resources and knowledge about strategic processes and interim management tools will help me to better serve my community and clients in my professional consulting practice. Anyone who has a desire to serve their community through a transitional leadership role should undoubtedly invest their time and money with the Academy.
Jarrett R. Ransom#NonprofitNerd, President & CEO The Rayvan Group, Interim Executives Academy Graduate 2020

“What a week of growth and learning! The Academy provided the tools and roadmap to apply prescribed methodologies, management tools and leadership strategies requisite for the successful practice of professional transitional leadership for nonprofit organizations, associations, and congregations. As a professional consultant, I’m committed to providing the best service to our community. I am now certified in this special and unique service. Thank you!”
Jerry DiazCFRE, Interim Executives Academy Graduate 2020

Our Equity Statement

Third Sector Company, Inc. is committed to advancing diversity, inclusion, equity, and access as foundational to its programs.


We acknowledge and honor the fundamental value and dignity of all people; and we pledge our individual and organizational efforts to build respect, dignity, caring, and equitable treatment for all. As an organization, we are committed to transforming the world into one that promotes social justice and freedom from oppression, including but not limited to, racism, sexism, classism, heterosexism, ageism, and ableism. Thus, we aim to be adaptable, actively anti-racist, embracing cultural differences, and to be accessible for people who are differently resourced and differently abled.


Since we do not want financial hardship to be a barrier to participation in our services and community life, we practice sliding fee pricing based on organizational budget, offer scholarships to all education offerings and invite pro-bono or reduced fee service delivery by application.


Our Engagements Work

Our team can quickly and thoroughly assess your organization and your staffing needs before presenting our candidates for a comprehensive review. We can meet your timelines and present you with qualified, dependable professionals to help your organization navigate transitionary times and ensure the process continues smoothly.

Recent Interim Engagements

Jen Monteleone

Interim Executive Director TLC Foundation for BFRBs – Santa Cruz, California
“I’m honored to serve as Interim Executive Director of an amazing, heart-centered organization…”

Northern California Mental Health Nonprofit Selects Interim Leader

Third Sector Company is pleased to announce that Jen Monteleone has been selected as the Interim Executive Director of the TLC Foundation for Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors (TLC).   The TLC Foundation for Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors is a donor-supported, nonprofit organization devoted to ending the suffering caused by hair-pulling disorder, skin picking disorder, and related body-focused […]

Deb Merle

Interim Executive Director ECOSS – Seattle, Washington
“While ECOSS is losing an amazing Executive Director, we look forward to continuing to work with Third Sector Company as we search for the next leader… “

Interim at Urban Environmental Nonprofit Helps Find Next Leader

Third Sector Company is pleased to announce that Deb Merle has been selected as the Interim Executive Director of ECOSS.   ECOSS, formerly known as the Environmental Coalition of South Seattle, delivers environmental solutions that meet the needs of businesses, people and nature across Washington. Since the 1990s, ECOSS has been a leading urban environmental […]

Public Library Foundation Selects Interim Executive

Third Sector Company is pleased to announce that Kathy McCarrell has started as the Interim Executive Director of the Long Beach Public Library Foundation.   The Long Beach Public Library Foundation enhances Long Beach Public Libraries and encourages literacy and education for all members of the community in Long Beach, California. Since 1996, the Long Beach […]

Kathy McCarrell

Interim Executive Director Long Beach Public Library Foundation – Long Beach, California
“It is a privilege to be part of the powerful and culturally sensitive programs devoted to bridging the digital and education divide in the Long Beach community… “

Joan Greatrake McBride

Interim Development and Communications Director Achievable Foundation – Culver City, California
“Third Sector Company has provided me with quality continuing education in transitional management for more than 15 years… “

Nonprofit Providing Health Care for Vulernable Populations Appoints Interim Leader

Third Sector Company is pleased to announce that Joan Greatrake McBride has started as the Interim Development and Communications Director of the Achievable Foundation.   The Achievable Foundation is changing the face of healthcare for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. For the past 20 years, the Culver City, California-based nonprofit has worked continually to […]

Whom Does DEIA Include?

I am always thinking about diversity and what it means. I believe that diversity is a complex subject and grasping the ramifications of it depends on your views and experience with it in its various contexts. Read more from Senior Strategist Heyward Watson…

What Is the Why Behind Black Lives Matter?

I am always thinking about diversity and what it means. I believe that diversity is a complex subject and grasping the ramifications of it depends on your views and experience with it in its various contexts. Read more from Senior Strategist Heyward Watson…

New Interim Leader for California Social Justice Agency

Third Sector Company is pleased to announce that Janet Schulman has started as Interim Executive Director of Program for Torture Victims (PTV).   PTV rebuilds the lives of immigrant survivors of torture and persecution from over 70 countries who have stood up for freedom, democracy, and human dignity. It is the first of its kind organization […]

Janet Schulman

Interim Executive Director Program for Torture Victims – Los Angeles, California
“It is always an honor for me to be part of Third Sector Company and to be working with a community of friends and colleagues… “

The Importance of Diversity for Nonprofit Leadership

I am always thinking about diversity and what it means. I believe that diversity is a complex subject and grasping the ramifications of it depends on your views and experience with it in its various contexts. Read more from Senior Strategist Heyward Watson…

Kristine Scott

Interim Executive Director Snohomish County Bar Association – Everett, Washington
“Third Sector Company has been a great partner in clarifying the best of what’s possible in interim engagements… “

Washington Law Association Places Interim Executive

Third Sector Company is happy to announce that Kristine Scott is Interim Executive Director at the Snohomish County Bar Association in Everett, WA.   Kristine is a graduate of the very first class of Interim Executives Academy held in Seattle, WA. She is a solutions-driven organizational development leader with over 15 years of experience heading […]

Historic Family Services Nonprofit Selects New Executive

The Nonprofit Leadership Search and Support team at Third Sector Company is thrilled to share that Dr. Pela Selene Terry has been appointed as the next Executive Director of Atlantic Street Center.   Dr. Terry brings to Atlantic Street Center a professional career spanning more than 30 years, and a strong commitment to promoting advocacy, […]

Crisis Connections Names Chief Executive Officer

The Nonprofit Leadership Search and Support team at Third Sector Company is pleased to share that Michelle McDaniel (she/her) has been appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of Crisis Connections.   Michelle is a proactive leader with a passion for service and furthering equity who is frequently called upon to provide direction, stabilize and grow […]

Cynthia Setel

Interim Executive Director King Conservation – Renton, Washington
“My experience gained through the Interim Executive Academy as well as the support I continue to get from Third Sector Company have helped me… “

New Interim at Natural Resources Conservation Nonprofit

Third Sector Company is pleased to share that Cynthia Setel is Interim Executive Director at King Conservation District (KCD) in Renton, WA.   Cynthia is a graduate of Interim Executives Academy Class #7 and brings years of nonprofit executive and government leadership. Cynthia is adept at turn-arounds, diagnosing why agencies are struggling and working with […]

The Origins of International Women’s Day

March 8 is recognized all over the world as a day to learn and understand the tremendous contributions women make to fight inequity, improve opportunities and to raise our communities for the betterment of all. The 2021 theme of International Women’s Day is #ChooseToChallenge. Challenge the status quo. Challenge bias. Challenge stereotypes.

Why Consider an Interim Executive Director for Your Nonprofit?

Interim leaders can have a big impact on organizations. Here are a few reasons you should consider hiring an interim leader to fill a leadership role with your nonprofit!

The Origins of Black History Month

We at Third Sector Company are grateful for the work of Carter G. Woodson to found a nonprofit organization with a lasting legacy of social good over 100 years running. We also celebrate the numerous contributions of African American and Black people throughout our communities that shape history and lead us in into a better future.

Terri Leon

Interim Executive Director Community Alliance Against Family Abuse – Apache Junction, Arizona
“In a very short time, Terri has shown a clear understanding of the challenges we have at CAAFA and is addressing those challenges… “

Arizona Domestic Abuse Nonprofit Places Interim

Third Sector Company is pleased to share that Terri Leon is Interim Executive Director at the Community Alliance Against Family Abuse (CAAFA) in Apache Junction, AZ.   Terri is a graduate of Interim Executives Academy Class #6 in Phoenix and brings over 30 years of nonprofit executive and philanthropic leadership. Terri is a strategic, collaborative, […]

How Nonprofits Prepare for an Executive Search

Finding the right leader for your nonprofit is one of the decisions that impact the future of any organization. Nonprofits face the unique challenge of working with paid employees and volunteers, creating a unique challenge in orchestrating a successful transition.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Access: Our First Steps on a Long Road

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Access: Our First Steps on a Long Road   Recently, the Third Sector Company convened a Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Access (DEIA) Strategy Task Force with the purpose to bring awareness to definitions and agreements in our community around social justice and freedom from oppressive conditions in the United States present […]

What Is Succession Planning? Find a Common Understanding

What Is Succession Planning? Find a Common Understanding   In our experience, when someone uses the “S-Word” in a nonprofit organization or board agenda it really means: “It is time for somebody to go.”   Imagine if you are an executive director, serving for 25 years, and then at a board meeting somebody raises their […]

Community Campaign Selects First Executive Director

The Nonprofit Leadership Search and Support team at Third Sector Company is pleased to share that Phillip Prud’homme has been appointed as the first Executive Director of Friends of Lopez Island Pool (FLIP).   As Executive Director, Pru’homme will complete a $4 million+ capital campaign to launch construction and prepare for the successful operation of […]

How Interim Leaders Can Tap Into the Power of Humility

HOW INTERIM LEADERS CAN TAP INTO THE POWER OF HUMILITY Reflections from the August 19 Interim Executives Roundtable with Dr. Marilyn Gist   By Mike Mitchell, CAE   I have always been a fan of business thought leader Jim Collins because of something that is very personal to me. In his book Good to Great, […]

The Importance of Developing an Obsession for Nonprofit Succession

When employees leave an organization and there is no succession plan in place, it can take a big toll on any entity. Here’s why it is crucial to have a succession plan for nonprofit organizations.

Crossing New Frontiers in Transitional Leadership

Third Sector Company Brings Its Leadership Solutions Online.

New Executive in Vancouver, B.C. Crane Safety Association

The Nonprofit Leadership Search and Support team at Third Sector Company is pleased to share that Clinton Connell has been appointed the new Executive Director for the British Columbia Association for Crane Safety (BCACS, or BC Crane Safety).   In his role as Executive Director, Clinton will continue BC Crane Safety’s mission to professionalize crane […]

Marc Haupert

Interim Executive DirectorBeing Alive! – Hollywood, California
“It is an honor to work among the dedicated professionals at Being Alive who put their all into their daily work, particularly during this new pandemic.”

Hollywood HIV/AIDS Organization Places Interim

Third Sector Company is proud to announce that Marc Haupert is Interim Executive Director of Being Alive! in Hollywood, CA. This follows the untimely and tragic death due to COVID-19 of former Executive Director (and Third Sector Company affiliate) Garry Bowie.   Being Alive! President Carla Ford made the announcement after action by the Board. […]

Affordable Housing Nonprofit Names New Executive

The Nonprofit Leadership Search and Support team at Third Sector Company is pleased to share that Wayne Mortensen recently began as Chief Executive Officer of NeighborWorks Lincoln.   A Nebraska native, Mortensen will relocate to Lincoln from Cleveland, Ohio where he served as Director of Design & Development at Cleveland Neighborhood Progress for the last […]

The Innovative Disruptor

It appears that classroom learning alone is not yielding any measurable progress in Diversity and Inclusion. The steps that need to be taken must go deeper.

In Memory of One of Our Pioneers: Garry Bowie

A Tribute and an Invitation from Third Sector Company During the Coronavirus Pandemic   In Memory of Garry Bowie Third Sector Company Affiliate, Southern California 1961-2020   The entire community of Third Sector Company professionals throughout Southern California is deeply saddened to announce the death of Garry Bowie yesterday morning due to complications of coronavirus. […]

Jorge Sciupac

Interim Executive DirectorCourt Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) of Ventura County – Camarillo, California
“When one more neglected or abused child is advocated for and feels safe, our future comes alive and we all feel safe.”

New Interim Advocating for Children in Southern California Court System

Third Sector Company is pleased to share that Jorge Sciupac recently began as Interim Executive Director of Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) of Ventura County.   Jorge is a graduate of Interim Executives Academy in Los Angeles and brings over 25 years of nonprofit and business experience spanning three continents. A bilingual leader, Jorge has […]

A Cultural Shift: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Access

It appears that classroom learning alone is not yielding any measurable progress in Diversity and Inclusion. The steps that need to be taken must go deeper.

Proud Graduates of Interim Executives Academy

For two days in the desert, a group of nonprofit professionals gathered to discuss strategic transitional management for nonprofit organizations. The graduates of Interim Executives Academy in Phoenix in January are now proud holders of a certificate in interim leadership. (Front Row – Mark Slocum, Rachel Morse, Deb Thompson, Beth Morrison, Jeffrey Wilcox and Lyvier […]

Congratulations to SKCDS for Naming New Executive

The Nonprofit Leadership Search and Support team at Third Sector Company is pleased to share that Randy Ogata, DDS has been named Executive Director of Seattle-King County Dental Society (SKCDS) after a successful 25-year orthodontic practice. Dr. Ogata brings a career’s worth of professional experience in addition to serving on and leading numerous committees and […]

Seasoned Leader Brings Commitment to Health Care Equity

Third Sector Company is proud to announce that our Executive Search customer, Pacific Hospital Preservation & Development Authority, has selected John Kim as its Executive Director. John is a seasoned strategic leader who is passionate about collaborating with people and organizations committed to making a meaningful difference in health care equity. John’s professional experience spans […]

National Search Lands New Development Director at Arts Nonprofit

The San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus (SFGMC) is delighted to announce that it has hired Daniel Hlad to fill the newly created position of Director of Development and Marketing. After an extensive national search, Executive Director Chris Verdugo chose Hlad to lead a growing team. Verdugo said he was extremely pleased to have attracted so many outstanding […]

5 Ways Planning for Leadership Succession Can Benefit Your Cause

Succession planning is highly beneficial to organizations of all kinds, yet it is an often overlooked part of business. Here’s some insight as to why it matters and how planning for leadership transitions can benefit your cause.

A New Interim Leader Is at Work for Seattle Children and Families

We are proud to announce that Amy Zimerman is at work with The Community School of West Seattle, a nonprofit organization building a community where all children are honored and respected as naturally capable, curious, and creative beings. “Community School has a remarkable teaching team and a wonderfully engaging curriculum for preschool students,” says Amy. […]

Amy Zimerman

Interim Executive DirectorThe Community School of West Seattle – Seattle, Washington
“I’m delighted to partner with the board of directors during this transition to maintain the trust our parents have placed in the school.”

Lindsay Shields

Interim Development DirectorSan Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus – San Francisco, California
“I value the power of people who work with nonprofit organizations – their passion and energy are the core of our culture…”

New Interim at Historic San Francisco Arts Organization

We are proud to announce that Lindsay Shields, one of Third Sector Company’s Senior Advisors in California, is at work with San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus as its Interim Development Director. Lindsay has been fostering growth through positive change in nonprofits for over 20 years as well as serving as an Interim Executive Director in […]

Carol Lugo

Acting Development DirectorLeague of Education Voters – Seattle, Washington
“The team is great and I am so glad that my expertise can help reach their goals in a short time…”

Interim Brings Extensive Fundraising Expertise to Northwest Nonprofit

Carol Lugo brings over 20 years of experience in generating resources for nonprofit causes, managing staff, and facilitating change in complex organizations. Third Sector Company is proud to announce her new interim engagement with the League of Education Voters (LEV) in Seattle as Acting Development Director. “This has been an exhilarating experience,” said Carol about […]

Mark Buckley

Interim Executive DirectorEntre Hermanos – Seattle, Washington
“Along with the board and staff, we look to build a sound framework that will inform the organization’s forward trajectory, and facilitate a smooth transition to the next Executive Director…”

New Interim at Prominent Seattle LGBTQ Organization

Helping organizations during times of leadership transition is a hallmark of Third Sector Company’s mission to the nonprofit community. In Seattle, the Latino LGBTQ organization Entre Hermanos turned to Third Sector Company for guidance and selected Mark Buckley as Interim Executive Director. “The Board of Directors is thrilled to have Mark working with us,” said […]

Janice Tsao

Interim Executive DirectorRedeeming Love – Los Angeles County, California
“I am honored to bring my leadership experience to ensure the effective execution of a mission to serve this community of survivors.”

Deb Merle

Interim Chief Executive OfficerEqual Opportunity Schools – Seattle, Washington
“Deb has earned a reputation for ensuring smooth operations as an interim leader of educational organizations during times of significant transition.”

Our New Interim Leader Supporting Survivors of Trafficking

PROUDLY ANNOUNCING NEW INTERIM ADVANCING SOCIAL JUSTICE FOR WOMEN IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA   Third Sector Company is very proud to announce that Janice Tsao has been named Interim Executive Director at Redeeming Love, a faith-based nonprofit located in Los Angeles County with a mission to be a conduit of restoration for survivors of sex trafficking […]

Interim Advancing Equity in Northwest Schools

PROUDLY ANNOUNCING NEW INTERIM ADVANCING EQUITY IN NORTHWEST SCHOOLS   Third Sector Company proudly announces that Deb Merle has been chosen as Interim Chief Executive Officer for Equal Opportunity Schools in Seattle. Deb is the former Executive Director of the California State Board of Education and, most recently served as Interim Executive Director of the […]

Nonprofit Leader from Southern California to Pacific Northwest

SEATTLE NONPROFIT ENGAGES NEW INTERIM CEO FROM THIRD SECTOR’S L.A. COHORT Third Sector Company is very proud to announce that Chris Johnson has been named Interim Executive Director at Evergreen Treatment Center in Seattle, an addiction and social services nonprofit organization with three clinics in King, Thurston, and Grays Harbor counties offering medication-assisted treatment for […]

Chris Johnson

Interim Executive DirectorEvergreen Treatment Center – Seattle, Washington
“I am fortunate to work with this team of smart and fiercely passionate staff. I’m grateful to our board members, who are making the transition smooth and seamless…”

Arthur Padilla

Interim Executive DirectorROOTS – Seattle, Washington
“Arthur is a nationally recognized leader in social justice leadership and collaboration”

CLIENT RESEARCH EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Interim Executive Management Services

Executive Leadership Research and Evaluation Methodologies The Third Sector Company, Inc. uses three types of evaluation research to further understand the practice of professional interim executive management services for the nonprofit sector as well as gauge consumer buying patterns related to the purchasing of interim executive management services by representatives of the nonprofit sector. The […]

Andrew Delgado

Interim Chief Operating OfficerReasons to Believe – Covina, California
“As our organization walks through a time of transition, we’re thrilled to have a seasoned professional alongside us to guide our steps.”

Sylvia Fuerstenberg

Interim Executive Director Peace for the Streets by Kids from the Streets, Seattle, Washington
“Along with the board and staff our interim executive director is set to revitalize our mission and enhance our work supporting homeless youth and young adults. Sylvia brings a wealth of experience leading human service-related non-profits and has hit the ground running at PSKS.”

Jeffrey Shapiro

Interim Executive DirectorChinese American Museum, Los Angeles
“The Chinese American Museum is one of those wonderful places with stakeholders brimming with authentic passion for the mission,” says Jeffrey Shapiro of his work in interim executive management with the Chinese American Museum in Los Angeles.

Marilyn Neece

Interim Executive DirectorSouth Asian Helpline and Referral Agency
Marilyn Neece has been named Interim Executive Director of the South Asian Helpline and Referral Agency in Los Angeles. Marilyn, a Third Sector Company community member of over 10 years, has earned a reputation for guiding boards of directors through leadership transitions.

Maria Nazario

Interim Chief Operating OfficerMuseum of Latin America Art
“For an art collector and Latina, the opportunity to assist the Museum of Latin American Art with their finance and operations needs is a match made in heaven,” says Maria Nazario of her recent interim placement in Long Beach. “The role of an interim is a challenge, but it is very rewarding,” says Maria. “It is a wonderful place to work.”

Bill Lahman

Interim Executive DirectorSouth Puget Sound Habitat for Humanity – Olympia, Wa
Bill Lahman is known throughout the state of Washington as a strong leader both within and outside the education community. Previously a Superintendent in three school districts, he now brings that reputation and expertise as Interim Executive Director of South Puget Sound Habitat for Humanity in Olympia.

Robin McCarthy

Interim Advancement DirectorChild360 – Los Angeles, Ca
Robin McCarthy combines a commitment to service with a commitment to community. Throughout her years in the nonprofit arena she has guided women, children, youth and seniors into more meaningful lives and experiences. She now brings that reputation and expertise as Interim Advancement Director of Child360, previously called Los Angeles Universal Preschool.

Jeff Wacha

Chief Financial OfficerSt. John Bosco High School – Bellflower, Ca
An interim can also be an important element of a search process, offering a proven candidate for the full-time position. This is exactly the case for St. John Bosco High School in Southern California, which hired Third Sector Company Interim Professional, Jeff Wacha, as its new Chief Financial Officer.

“As an interim, my focus was to offer leadership to the school’s financial operations over a few months time,” says Jeff. “Now it is a great honor to have been asked to lead the continued excellence of the school’s financial and administrative systems over the long-term.”

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Everyday, the people of Third Sector Company have the opportunity to work with amazing professionals and organizations that create magic that results in measurable differences in the lives of others. Truly successful nonprofit leadership is as much a social science as it is a business science; and together these disciplines must be leveraged.  It’s not […]

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The Third Sector Company research team recently completed the first phase of the Improving Nonprofits by Tailoring and Expanding Resources for Interim Management (INTERIM) Project.

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Third Sector Spotlight: Randy Brinson

From learning the ins and outs of a company you’re just starting out at, to finding ways to fully leverage your organization’s resources, here are some thoughts from Third Sector Interim Executive participant Randy Brinson.

How is Interim Leadership Different Than Traditional Leadership?

Interim leadership and management require a special set of skills. While interim and permanent leaders are often working towards similar goals, there are unique challenges associated with taking on a leadership role for a shorter period of time. Here’s some insight on the difference between the two types of leadership and how you can succeed as an interim leader.

Join Us for a Taste of Board Chairs Academy

Interested in our Board Chairs Academy Program? Join us for a “taste’ of the program to see if its something your company can benefit from.

Mark Crawford Named “Nonprofit Interim of the Year”

Mark Crawford of Arc of King Country and Northwest Folklife has been named Third Sector’s Interim Nonprofit of the Year.

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There’s no shortage of great leadership books to read to give you some inspiration. Checkout some of our top picks for books about nonprofit leadership.

Inclusiveness: Nonprofits Must Be The Example

Diversity and inclusion are key in the nonprofit sector, especially in the current political climate. Learn Jeffrey Wilcox’s take on diversity and inclusion, and how nonprofits must be the example.

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Maintaining the Vision Through Change

Keeping a strong mission and vision can be difficult during a leadership transition. Here are some thoughts on how to keep a strong vision during a leadership transition.

4 Characteristics of Good Interim Leaders

Are you an aspiring leader? Here are some top characteristics of leaders.

Changing Faces of Interim Executives

The practice of skillful short-term executive leadership for nonprofit organizations is in the midst of a significant landscape change from its traditional beginnings. Learn more about these ongoing changes in the nonprofit sector.

For More Information

A Third Sector Company Interim provides nonprofit organizations with a series of protocols and deliverables to ensure a successful engagment:


    • Experienced and vetted leadership for day-to-day operations of their nonprofit enterprise;
    • A thorough organizational assessment from which short-term work plans are developed, implemented and monitored in 90-day increments;
    • Development of a nonprofit dashboard;
    • Completion of a thorough organizational inventory;
    • Adoption of succession planning policies that will affect all future transitions in the organization;
    • Revision of the executive job description to reflect current and future organizational demands from the position;
    • Support to assist decision-makers to make the best selection of the permanent candidate; and
    • Access to on-going training, team consultation and specialty consulting, and additional resources offered by Third Sector Company professional interim


For more information on our interim leadership services, check out our Interim Executives Fact Sheet and our Leadership Transition Support Fact Sheet.


We’re also happy to chat with you about our interim placement services and how we can support your unique nonprofit organization. We have team members and affiliates located throughout the United States and Canada. Just contact the location nearest you to speak with one of our specialists.

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