Interim Leadership

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Presenting On-Demand Transformational Leadership for Your Nonprofit

Third Sector Company offers the most comprehensive approach to interim executive and executive transition support services on the market. We provide trained, vetted, and highly-experienced nonprofit chief executive, chief development, and chief operating officers supported by a team-approach from our senior advisors.

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We developed our own training manuals, protocols and standards for providing interim executive management services to nonprofit organizations. We teach our licensed affiliates to provide each client with:

Third Sector Company is able to leverage our partnerships throughout the business and nonprofit industries to ensure both prospective employees and organizations find the perfect match.

Interim executives can benefit organizations in a number of ways. Third Sector Company’s interim placement services offer a large pool of skilled experts who are able to serve in interim positions across a wide variety of professional roles and disciplines. Our data-based approach and “emergency medical” model not only ensures continuity of business, but a push toward the future of your organization as a whole.

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How can Third Sector Company’s knowledge and experience benefit your organization?Jan GlickSenior Managing Community Partner, Seattle, WA
How can Third Sector Company interim executives assist an organization with capacity building?Joan McBrideInterim Development Director, Santa Ana, CA

Our Screening Approach

By examining precisely what your organization needs to ensure a smooth transition, our team can help you find an interim placement with qualifications to perform to your organization’s expectations. Before we present you with a number of candidates, our team uses:

  • Telephone screenings with Third Sector Company’s professional recruiting staff
  • Comprehensive reference checks to ensure dependability and experience
  • An in-person, face-to-face interview process to assess the candidate’s personality, communication skills, and performance characteristics
  • Testing and assessment via professional analysis to ensure the right person is chosen for your organization’s requirements

Our Placements Work

Our team can quickly and thoroughly assess your organization and your staffing needs before presenting our candidates for a comprehensive review. We can meet your timelines and present you with qualified, dependable professionals to help your organization navigate transitionary times and ensure the process continues smoothly.

Recently Filled Interim Positions

For More Information

For more information on our interim leadership services, check out our Interim Executives Fact Sheet.

We’re also happy to chat with you about our interim placement services and how we can support your unique nonprofit organization. We have team members and affiliates located throughout the United States and Canada. Just contact the location nearest you to speak with one of our specialists.

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