Interim Leadership at Workplace Training Nonprofit

Interim Leadership at Workplace Training Nonprofit

ROSIES Foundation in the Culver City Arts District of Southern California serves people with diverse abilities to engage in learning and employment opportunities across different industries. This inspiring nonprofit has selected Linda Horner as its Interim Executive Director at an important capacity-building time in the organization.


“I joined ROSIES Foundation as they started an exciting expansion of services,” said Linda. “The small nonprofit has been in operation for over five years and in that time they have embedded themselves as a valuable member of the Art District of Culver City, CA.


Workforce Development is an area that is immensely important to me personally, so I am excited by the Board, staff, and founders’ work to intentionally create and expand programs that address disability and inclusion and that provide opportunities through the lens of ‘diverse abilities.’ Based on the belief that all of us experience disability, they also work with employers directly to develop open and positive approaches to working with all their colleagues, including those with a disability.”


Linda Horner is a graduate of Third Sector Company’s Interim Executives Academy and employs her over twenty years of executive experience in support of Strategic Nonprofit Management, Leadership Transitioning, Organizational Capacity Building, as well as Resource and Board Development. Her leadership roles have included work as a permanent Executive Director; Leadership Transition Consultant; Acting Executive Director; and as a founding Board member and Board officer.


Linda has been on the front lines of the fight for social, education and economic justice. Her areas of focus are workforce development; social and economic equity for underserved, diverse and other-abled populations; afterschool programming; homelessness; the Arts; and the environment.


All of the Third Sector Company community sends our best wishes to Linda and our thanks to the leadership at ROSIES Foundation for putting their trust in the people, teachings and programs of Third Sector Company that have served nonprofits over the past 20 years.


Located in Culver City, CA, ROSIES Foundation provides job training, skill development and employment opportunities for people with disabilities. Working in the community and with local businesses, the goal is higher-level employment opportunities with career advancement potential.


Third Sector Company and the graduates of Interim Executives Academy are available to provide vetted, highly-trained nonprofit interim executive leadership. From the training and experience at Interim Executives Academy, the graduates can provide a series of protocols and deliverables to ensure a successful interim leader engagement. They will also have access to mentorship and coaching through our community of interim leadership professionals.


If your nonprofit is preparing for a leadership transition or succession planning, contact us today.

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