In Memory of One of Our Pioneers: Garry Bowie


In Memory of One of Our Pioneers: Garry Bowie

A Tribute and an Invitation from Third Sector Company During the Coronavirus Pandemic


In Memory of Garry Bowie
Third Sector Company Affiliate, Southern California


The entire community of Third Sector Company professionals throughout Southern California is deeply saddened to announce the death of Garry Bowie yesterday morning due to complications of coronavirus.


Garry was Executive Director of Being Alive in West Hollywood and was one of the first to become a certified trainer and faculty member for Third Sector Company’s Board Chairs Academy program. Garry was the husband of Third Sector Company’s long-time chief financial officer, Jeff Wacha, and was beloved and known by every member of our team from the earliest days of Third Sector Company’s formation and launch in Long Beach, California.


Garry was also a trained and certified interim executive director of our firm and was a pioneer in advocating for the advancement of cause-based governance and the interim leadership movement, particularly in the LGBTQ communities of Southern California. For many years, Garry was the Executive Director of the Long Beach AIDS Foundation.


On March 19, Garry began feeling flu-like symptoms and eventually was taken to the hospital by ambulance on March 28. Yesterday, on April 7, his lungs were no longer able to function and he passed away peacefully, although with no loved ones at his side, including his partner of 20 years, due to being quarantined.


“There will never be enough kind words from our firm to thank Garry Bowie for his contributions to our mission and the support he has given to all of his professional colleagues,” said Jeffrey R. Wilcox, president of Third Sector Company. “It was a delight to see him teaching with passion our principles and practices to so many audiences of nonprofit organizations over the years and to hear him argue the merits of interim leadership to countless nonprofit boards of directors faced with executive transitions. He was a master of diplomatic advocacy and a rebel with a cause.”

“Our hearts are breaking that his voice has been silenced by the spread of the virus,” said Wilcox. “It is not only fitting for us to honor his life, but to also issue an invitation for our customers and colleagues.”


An Invitation to Remember the Lives Behind the Pandemic Numbers


In honor of Garry and in response to the rising numbers of people who are losing their lives during the pandemic, Third Sector Company invites each of our customers and colleagues to consider beginning their virtual meetings and online programs with a brief pause to remind everyone gathered that behind every number being reported each day is a human heart.


Third Sector Company is asking that we honor all those who have lost their lives in conditions that forced them to be alone and we offer our condolences to those enduring this situation in painful, isolated and fearful ways. We also send our support to those first responders who are risking their lives to help those who are ill and to those who are providing essential services needed by our communities.

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