How a Simple Board Assessment Results in Big Impact for Nonprofits

How a Simple Board Assessment Results in Big Impact for Nonprofits

Nonprofit board members have many roles and responsibilities.


How does a board know it is fulfilling its responsibilities well?


Reaching consensus on the organization’s values is one good indicator. Achieving resource development goals is another. These are great examples of a board on the move. Yet, there are many other questions a well-functioning board could consider.


    • Do our board members understand their governance responsibilities?
    • Is there an optimal working relationship between our board and executive director?
    • How is our board viewed in the community?


It’s time for boards to stop guessing and start with an accurate snapshot of the board’s current state.


A methodical assessment is the starting place for a board to understand its performance and plan its evolution in advancing the community cause it serves.


Get Our Board Assessment Tool


More than 400 nonprofit boards have experienced Board Chairs Academy, where they have learned how a board assessment program can help strengthen community impact. Use the Academy’s simple Board Governance Assessment Tool for quick insights into your own board’s performance.


It’s a great resource for generating conversation and actionable ideas at a board meeting.


Want to Go Deeper?


Take advantage of Board Chairs Academy’s customized assessment service, which provides:

    • A team of two board advisors from the Academy
    • A pre-assessment board discussion to lay the groundwork for a successful governance assessment
    • A review of key organizational documents
    • An assessment tool customized for your board
    • Input gathered from representative stakeholders
    • An assessment report with findings and recommendations
    • A post-assessment board discussion to review the results and explore next steps


As a result, your board will have …


    • a better understanding of its current governance capabilities
    • benchmarking to continue tracking key variables of board excellence
    • data for fact-based conversations and objective decision-making about board priorities, processes, and composition
    • a solid foundation for creating and implementing a board development program


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