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A discussion during the Board Chairs Academy (Seattle)

Our Obsession for Nonprofit Succession

By Jeffrey R. Wilcox, CFRE It’s too bad that whenever the word, “succession,” finds its way into conversations at most nonprofit organizations, most view its utterance as code for “someone needs to go.” When an inevitable transition occurs, these organizations soon discover that having kept that succession in the closet ultimately costs their worthy causes

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The Changes faces of interim leadership (845*370)

Changing Faces of Interim Executives

The practice of skillful short-term executive leadership for nonprofit organizations is in the midst of a significant landscape change from its traditional beginnings. Today, the marketplace offers interim management to nonprofit organizations through private practitioners, practitioner cooperatives, nonprofit management support organizations, single-focused proprietary organizations, and multi-faceted private firms that include interim management as a component of a larger suite of services.

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