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8 Things All Boards Have In Common – Nonprofit Governance as Community Stewardship

"When a community member is asked to serve on the board of a community impact organization, a number of images about the work that lies ahead come to mind. It can range from an assumption of acting as a boss or participating in a policy-making process to asking lots of friends for money and a significant number of meetings.." Read more from President & CEO Jeffrey R. Wilcox ...

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10 Tips for an Executive Review – Board-Executive Partnership in Nonprofit Organizations

"The board-executive relationship is, after all, a partnership, the purpose of which is to advance the organization’s cause. As partners, both parties have a vested interest in the executive review process, and it will only succeed for both if they share in its design and implementation." Read more from Senior Strategist Randy Brinson ...

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Interim Serves Nonprofit News Network

Karin said of the engagement, "Working with such a dynamic and engaged team of staff, board members and stakeholders has been energizing. Their collective passion for the mission is inspiring and will surely serve as the springboard that will propel The Beacon into the next successful chapter."

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