Amanda Eichelberger

The Nonprofit Leadership Search and Support team at Third Sector Company is proud to announce that Amanda Eichelberger is the next Executive Director of San Juan Community Home Trust in Friday Harbor, Washington.


The Home Trust promotes economic diversity and development by offering a variety of solutions to the housing affordability situation on San Juan Island for working and retired islanders.

Amanda joins the Home Trust at a critical time as we launch our new development, HolliWalk, scheduled to break ground in early 2022. Grant writing, advocacy and experience in the Affordable Housing arena are all skills that she brings to her new position,” said the Board of Directors in a statement.


Having worked as a Legislative Aide to Washington State Senator Bob Hasegawa, Eichelberger knows her way around Olympia, and the paths necessary to travel for effective advocacy. In addition, and perhaps most importantly she will be meeting with our homeowners, who are stewards of the neighborhoods and anchors in our community.


Amanda looks forward to working with the Home Trust Staff and Board, and to reaching out to Town and County Officials, keeping them aware of the hurdles that developers of affordable housing on the island must overcome. She will seek partnerships with other nonprofits on the island, where mutual efforts at problem-solving will potentially expand the reach of community service efforts of each organization.


Amanda is an experienced professional focused on building a housing landscape that provides social, environmental, and economic justice. With experience in public policy and legislation in Olympia, she is a recent graduate of the Evergreen State College.


All of the Third Sector Company community sends our very best to Amanda and San Juan Community Home Trust in providing affordable housing that strengthens communities and the environment of San Juan Island!


The San Juan Community Home Trust creates permanently affordable housing for low- and moderate-income island residents. By doing this the Home Trust promotes economic diversity and development, and supports a sustainable island community while practicing responsible stewardship of the shared rural environment.


Third Sector Company, in association with Jan Glick & Associates, is delighted to support organizations like San Juan Community Home Trust. Since its inception in 2002, Third Sector Company’s mission has been firmly rooted in providing leadership continuity solutions to the nonprofit sector. Like all of our services, Nonprofit Leadership Search and Support was created by nonprofit executives to be of benefit to our peers and to the entire nonprofit sector.


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