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Group Discussion during succession planning workship

Don’t Miss Our Leadership Workshop!

From healthcare to the environment, and everything in between, nonprofits need strong leaders to navigate through challenges and create the best results. Finding and cultivating good leaders can be especially difficult when going through a temporary or permanent leadership transition. Whatever the nature of your nonprofit, if you’re looking for some guidance in nonprofit interim

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Seattle Board Chairs Academy

Maintaining the Vision Through Change

A Q&A with Jeffrey Wilcox, Third Sector Company CEO and President Any employment transition comes with its difficulties, but changes in leadership, especially for short periods of time, can be especially challenging. While navigating this process, especially in the nonprofit sector, it’s important to keep your organization’s “vision,” its overlying goals and what you want

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Good Interim Leadership

4 Characteristics of Good Interim Leaders

Leaders can make or break an organization, and good leadership can be hard to find. When unexpected changes in leadership happen, it can take a toll on your team-especially in a nonprofit setting when employees, volunteers, donors, and clients are all involved. A good leader, even for a short period of time, is vital to

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